Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 2: Rock On at Christmas Time!

A shred-filled sequel to the best original music game to hit the flash world each Christmas

Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 2: Rock On at Christmas Time

You’d better believe that Santa’s only going to be choosing the rocking option, and Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 2 is most definitely going to be the platform for him to do it from. Rarely does a flash game hope to bring you an experience that is so true to console-based games of a similar nature, but this alternative to traditional Christmas fun definitely tries to bring you all of the fun of Guitar Hero without lumping you with the cost of the game or the trouble of acquiring various fake-instrument controllers. Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 2 is therefore in the true spirit of Christmas both in content and in sentiment, as it truly is a gift to us all in this time of giving.

If you’ve played rhythm-based musical input games like Rocksmith or Guitar Hero before then you’ll be highly familiar with how Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 2 works. Essentially, it is just a case of pressing the right keys at the right time, with A, S, D, K, and L plastered across the bottom of the screen above which a guitar neck is situated with coloured notes passing down it in time to music. You simply have to push the corresponding keys as these notes pass the bottom of the guitar neck, allowing you to strike notes in time with the music.

The sense of progress is created by a “Rock Meter”, which fills up the more notes you hit perfectly and empties if you begin missing notes. This game isn’t as forgiving as Guitar Hero either, particularly in the harder difficulties; several dropped notes and the song will end and you will have to restart. Difficulty can of course be chosen however from easy, medium, and hard as well as two modes of play: basic and rockstar. Basic involves simply pushing keys whereas rockstar is trickier and requires/allows (depending on how confident you are) you to use the enter button to strum the notes: this lets you actually pick up the keyboard to use like a real guitar. All of this also takes place with crazy images such as a muscly Santa and a ripped reindeer running through your head due to the exaggerated artwork of the game.

Though it doesn’t have the tuition/educational value of Rocksmith or the polish of Guitar Hero or Rock Band,  Bekho Games' Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 2 delivers a great experience for those that like a tinge of audio distortion on their guitars as they rip through various versions of well-loved Christmas songs. The novelty value is undeniable of course, with the image of Santa rocking out instead of simply Ho Ho Ho-ing all day long being fairly amusing. A good bit of polish on the santa games in terms of graphics and audio quality is also noticeable, though not to the extent of the later games in the series such as the third one. This game is most definitely the best of its kind out there, and with four other titles to get stuck into, it’s not going to be a boring Christmas for anyone that wants to give this and all the other games in the series a chance to rock them this Christmas.