Christmas Present Ideas For Kids

christmas present ideas

What to buy your children at Christmas? now there's a question! If your children are youngish they will probably be after what the latest toy or gadget is this year, while older children can be easier to buy for if they have a particular hobby or pastime they are in to.

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Best Christmas Trees & Decorations

christmas decorations on a tree

The first thing we need to decide before looking for a Christmas tree is whether we would like a real tree or an artificial one. Some of us love the smell of a real spruce tree in our living rooms as it conjours up the Christmas spirit while others prefer the artificial type that we can bring out year after year. Whichever it is, it is going to cost money, while both types of Christmas tree do not come cheaply.

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Our Favourite Ten Christmas Characters from Animations

christmas characters

There are so many adorable characters that have appeared in christmas animations and with the festive season upon us once more I thought i'd pick out some of the best ones that will make your heart melt and your belly tickle. So here is our top ten list of favourite characters from the best christmas animations to have ever been made!

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